A new dawn in travel.

Costa Rica is an incredible country, it has gone above and beyond to welcome travellers back to Costa Rica in the wake of Covid 19. Shade Tree is proud to be one of its flagship locations. Here we have the seclusion of the beautiful rainforest to relax and reset your senses.  Each unique treehouse location is a minimum of 300 metres from the other (only 2 units on site) offering you luxury, seclusion and peace of mind in our private rainforest setting.

Only 20 mins from the beaches and access to the national parks, you can get out amongst it if you wish, or stay tucked away on our 1500 acre nature Hacienda La Quina to enjoy all that nature has to offer. Wander the trails and watch the toucans, scarlett macaws, monkeys, and other animals who call this home.

We look forward to welcoming you to our pristinely clean glamping tents when we reopen on 1st December. Numbers are strictly limited, so book now to avoid disappointment.

Pura Vida

Glamping Costa Rica. Tentalow Costa Rica.
Shade Tree Rainforest Glamping.

Andrea and Chris

Reopening for the season

Glamping Costa Rica! We are opening again for the season on November 23rd. This is my favorite time of year, the forest is so full of life and vibrant.

As the green season falls away the rain forest is once more bathed in dapple sun light and full of bird song. Such a great time to visit. We hope to see you here soon. If you book a full week, we will give you one day free, just because we think you deserve it. Unplug and take some deep lung fulls of rainforest oxygen…see you in paradise!


Free night when you book for a week.

Are you planning your vacation to Costa Rica? If immersing yourself in nature, watching the wildlife cruise past and being surrounded by peace and quiet sounds like your kind of heaven, then lets start planning. Whether you are a couple look for a romantic getaway, or a busy family wanting to unplug the kids; we have the perfect place you will remember forever.

In celebration of all things natural we are offering one night free on a week long stay. Shade Tree is perfectly located to explore the whole of the Central Pacific, from the national park at Manual Antonio, to the surfing beaches of Jaco and Playa Hermosa. With only two units on the whole reserve, book now to avoid disappointment as we book up fast.

Shade Tree is open between the months of November to May. Book now and get a free night on us!

Pura Vida is found here at Shade Tree.

To ask about this offer contact Andrea on

Or message us on whatapp, or call. 0050684564242


Family joy and making memories.

Glamping in Costa Rica is a must for the whole family. We received this beautiful video made by a wonderful family from Ireland. Unplugging your kids and reconnecting with nature is a great gift for the whole family. They described it as summer camp but without the roughing it. Play your favorite board games, watch the monkeys, tell stories and make memories that last a lifetime.

What to do during your stay at Shade Tree.

Glamping Costa Rica. We are so blessed with our rainforest location, and only 20 minutes will take you to the stunning surfing beach of Playa Hermosa, and a further 5 minutes and you will find yourself in the fun town of Jaco.

Right here at camp, you can immerse yourself in wildlife and bird watching. Floating in the natural pools or hiking the trails. If you love horses take a ride with award-winning Discovery Horse Tours, who are just 5 minutes in the car.

If you have a super active family, look no further than Shade Tree to tick all your adventure needs. Within 20 minutes you can be surfing with Jimmy Hogan, exploring on ATV’s with Adventure tours, local fishing with Chiri, sport fishing with Alex and Beth,  golf at los suenos, kayaking with Jaco Kayak, diving with Herradura divers,  or taking a river croc tour with Jose.

Want to take life a little slower, you can join daily classes for yoga with Vida Asana, indulge in a message with the incredibly talented Jenifer (she can even come to you!).

In just one hour you can be in the world famous national parks of Manual Antonio or Carara. Explore the incredible waterfalls of Dominical, Biajual or Rainmaker.

The joy of staying at shade tree is once you have finished your day you can come back and just relax and watch the monkeys cruise on by! Pura Vida at it’s best.

Tentalows Costa Rica through the lens

Last month we had the honour of a visit from Jennifer of Jennifer Kurt Photography. She was sharing her talents with us here at Shade Tree, rainforest glamping, Costa Rica. Jennifer is passionate about nature and bringing people back to nature through photography. She felt that Glamping in Costa Rica ticks all the boxes!

Glamping Costa Rica. Tentalow Costa Rica.
Shade Tree Rainforest Glamping.

Watching Jennifer work was so inspiring,  her attention to detail reminded me of how Chris has built Shade Tree, one step at a time, always working with nature and never against, full of love and passion. In Chris’s case there was a little blood, a lot of sweat, and a few tears thrown in too!

I think her results speak for themselves, she has captured The Colibri Tent in all her beauty perfectly. Take a look around our website and you will see her beautiful photographs. Thanks for the inspiration Jennifer.

Glamping Costa Rica never tasted so good!

Food is SO good in Costa Rica and I love cooking whilst Glamping in Costa Rica. Whether you choose to bring in your own food, have us prepare a menu for you that you cook for yourself, or have the luxury of a private chef (we can arrange this for you). The fresh local ingredients will ensure your taste buds will think they have died and gone to heaven.

Being located only 20 minutes from the ocean and the towns of Jaco, Playa Hermosa or Herradura, the availability of fresh fish is excellent. Jaco also boosts a Farmer’s market every Friday, the produce is local and so fresh.  If you are not here on a Friday, there are two incredible fruit produce stalls that sell everything you need.

Try your hand at cooking pan seared tuna with crisp and fresh green beans…or have the lovely Erelis, who lives close by, prepare her special rice and beans with free range eggs for a hand delivered breakfast!

Eating out on the balconies, with an ice cold glass of wine as the sun sets…..priceless memories!

In fact, no one is booked tonight, I am packing my bag right now. As owners, we have to  make sure standards are not slipping….perks of the job!!

Join us soon Glamping in Costa Rica.

The Hobbit bed, fit for a Queen!

The making of the feature piece of furniture for the Colibri tent was not up for discussion! Andrea was adamant, when Chris came up with the glamping idea that the beds needed to be amazing!

“I wanted it to be part of the adventure, the kind of bed that drops your jaw when you see it…one you never want to get out of” says Andrea. Actually the day they found the wood for the hobbit bed, Chris was teasing saying he had been out “shopping” for a bed….”NOOOO” I said, it had to be built, there is nowhere that will sell the bed I had in my head!! He carried on the joke…what he meant was that himself, Diego and Cheche (a Father and son team who know so much about wood) had been out ambling around the forest together, for hours, talking nonsense as men do!! Lol…but during their wanderings they found the most incredible pieces of wood. It was like nature left all the pieces there on the forest floor and they just had to have the vision to put it all together! “

The bed is so heavy that it has had to be made in place. It looks quiet comically, as the tents are currently down (hence no interior photos on the site yet) as we don’t open until December and we don’t want the tents up during rainy season.

If the Colibri tent is your destination you will get to meet the Hobbit Queen up close….you will want it in your house…but good luck lifting it!