The making of the feature piece of furniture for the Colibri tent was not up for discussion! Andrea was adamant, when Chris came up with the glamping idea that the beds needed to be amazing!

“I wanted it to be part of the adventure, the kind of bed that drops your jaw when you see it…one you never want to get out of” says Andrea. Actually the day they found the wood for the hobbit bed, Chris was teasing saying he had been out “shopping” for a bed….”NOOOO” I said, it had to be built, there is nowhere that will sell the bed I had in my head!! He carried on the joke…what he meant was that himself, Diego and Cheche (a Father and son team who know so much about wood) had been out ambling around the forest together, for hours, talking nonsense as men do!! Lol…but during their wanderings they found the most incredible pieces of wood. It was like nature left all the pieces there on the forest floor and they just had to have the vision to put it all together! “

The bed is so heavy that it has had to be made in place. It looks quiet comically, as the tents are currently down (hence no interior photos on the site yet) as we don’t open until December and we don’t want the tents up during rainy season.

If the Colibri tent is your destination you will get to meet the Hobbit Queen up close….you will want it in your house…but good luck lifting it!