Glamping Costa Rica.

Glamping Costa Rica, welcome you to the rainforest. The forest is alive and beautiful and appreciates your sense of adventure. You will be sharing your space with the lungs of the world! Breathe deep and have the time of your life. A few things you need to know about Glamping with us in Costa Rica.

We like to keep cars away from the tents, so you will need to walk about 100 meters to get to your tent. The paths are not concrete as we like to leave things as natural as possible. With this in mind, suitcases with wheels cannot be pulled along, they will have to be carried, but we are on hand to help. Both Colibri and Los Mono’s are situated at the top of a small but reasonable steep incline.

Your tents are situated on the edge and overlooking the rainforest. Hacienda La Quina (home to Shade Tree) is also a working farm, and whilst there is no farm in the Shade tree area, you may, from time to time hear distance farm vehicles passing out on the farm track about 500 metres away.

This area is home to a lot of wildlife and plants. We ask you to never ever feed any of the animals, or remove any of the plants. If you are seen to do so you will be asked to leave.

Costa Rica has lots of amazing animals, like the monkeys, sloths, parrots and toucans, there are also a few critters to avoid. As with all the wildlife here, if you see, do not touch or try to get close. You leave them alone, they will leave you alone. Bugs, whilst here are WAY less that you would expect. It is not something that you need to worry about, but if you are a bug magnet, bring a bug spray with you. There are way more bugs at the beach than out here!

Shade tree runs a quiet please policy! Colibri and Los Monos tents are both private with no view of each other, but noise travels in the forest, they are about 200 metres apart. We ask that no music is played and that you let the nature noises be your wonderful back drop.