Colibri Glamping

The Colibri experience.

Situated on the top of a hill overlooking the rainforest canopy, the Colibri (humming bird) tent majestically sits on a hard wood platform, made from Tamarindo, one of the strongest woods in the world.

Built for two, this large handmade safari tent offers a bespoke hardwood bed, we call it the Hobbit Queen bed. Built using hardwood, found fallen around the farm, this is a one of a kind. From the bed you can watch the sun rise over the rainforest. You won’t want to get up! You have lots of windows, all screened for bugs (there are hardly any, so don’t worry on the bug front), and a large front opening, also with a screen.

An ensuite bathroom allows you all the luxuries of a hotel room, don’t get me wrong, we like camping, but not roughing it!

Not 20 feet from your tent, you will find your beautiful kitchen rancho. This stunning teak structure with its natural palm roof is a feat of engineering. This style of structure was used here in Costa Rica for centuries past as living quarters, we love the design and have incorporated it into a fully equipped private kitchen for your exclusive use whilst staying in Colibri. Talk to us about providing an incredible menu for you!

Back to not roughing it, you have solar powered electricity to allow for light at night and small fans by your bed (we doubt you will want to use them, but we got you covered if you do).

Life is about making memories that last a lifetime, all that remains is to check your dates and get booked in.

We are ready and waiting to make this vacation one you will talk about for years to come!

Los Monos Glamping

Nestled in a private glade, surrounded by the rainforest, this wonderful tent is perfect for families or groups of 5. Offering incredible views, we named this tent Los Monos in honour of the beautiful troops of white face monkeys that regularly pass it by.

Fitted with stunning hardwood floors, a bathroom ensuite and a wonderful kitchen, this is a great piece of paradise to hide out and absorb the incredible nature surrounding you. Talk to us about our delicious menu options.

This huge airy natural fibre tent, with lots of screened windows to give great light, contains one of our signature handmade Queen Hobbit beds. Totally unique and one of a kind, you can wake up and watch the sunrise over the rainforest. Also, there is a beautiful hardwood double bed with an stunning elevated single bed above.

We are not called glamping without reason! You will have your own solar driven electricity source that allows you light and bedside fans (not that you will need them, it is lovely and cool at night). Los Monos is totally screened in to protect from bugs, but to be honest we see hardly any! If you are coming with a family, please ensure you read the “Families at Shade Tree” page.